How to Change Pidgin’s Language on Windows

To change Pidgin‘s language from the detected one, add the variable “LANGUAGE” to the system wide environment variables.

For example for british english, add a variable “LANGUAGE” and set it to “en_GB:en”. Be aware that this will change the option for all programs which use this variable.

To set it just for pidgin you can create a batch file “pidgin.bat” like this:

Place the file in the pidgin folder, create a shortcut and use it to launch pidgin. read more

Qliner Hotkeys on Windows 7 x64

Qliner Hotkeys
Qliner Hotkeys

A thing that makes a programmer produce faster is assigning tasks to shortcut keys.

I’ve always relied upon Qliner Hotkeys ( software to do this.

Unfortunately, Qliner Hotkeys doesn’t work on 64 bit systems and doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

Fortunately, this is easy to solve:

  1. Download Qliner Hotkeys ( This article assumes the latest version is 2.0.1
  2. Open the installed hotkeys.exe file in your favorite hex editor
  3. At offset 0x1018 ($1018 if you prefer this notation :D), there should be a byte with the value ‘0x01’. Change it to ‘0x03’
  4. Reboot. Everything should be ok.

What we did here was adding a flag (00000001 -> 00000011) to tell the executable to load 64 bit libraries instead of 32 bit ones, when needed.

Have fun automating everything with your keyboard. 😉 read more