Script to change Tabs to Spaces to Tabs

A very specific argument that arises when discussing indentation styles is Tabs versus Spaces. For me, there is no argument. It’s the one thing I could never, ever, adapt to when writing code. Before I get flamed for my rant lets check the pros and cons and the typical arguments made by space-lovers. No, not the outer space, I mean the largest key on your keyboard.

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If you use spaces, your indentation will always look the same, be it on your favorite IDE, vim, pico, joe, Kate, Geany, cat, less, more, github online, bitbucket online, etc. But… it will always look the same to you and everyone else. Let’s face it, we don’t all have the same tastes. When coding in group (job, school, hobby) we already have to agree on indentation style, so why should we also give in when it comes to indent spacing? If we had no option… but we do! We can use tabs and everyone can space it to whatever they want since almost any editor out there supports changing the tabsize. Even in your virtual terminal you can change tab size with  ‘tabs’ (if the VT supports it). read more