How to Install Wine Staging on Ubuntu 18.04

Here are simple steps to install Wine staging on Ubuntu 18.04.
You can use it for example to run Windows games through Lutris.

Open a terminal (Win+T) and execute the commands below:

Linux Slackware 14.1 installation hangs when installing LILO

On my last Slackware Linux installation attempt I faced a tricky situation. Everything went fine (with some exceptions at start) up until the time I had to install LILO. The symptom was that the installation simply hanged but otherwise the system was responding. The problem was in fact with LILO and my 3TB drive which was in /dev/sdb and was not the drive I was using for my root partition. This drive had a NTFS partition. If this is your case then do the following. Let Slackware finish the installation up until the part you need to install LILO. At this point exit the installation process (do not reboot!) and run

I assume you are using /dev/sda1 as the partition you are installing Linux on, if not, then replace it with the appropriate one. Your root is now the same as if you had booted your new operating system. Now it is time to reconfigure LILO. For that open /etc/lilo.conf with your favorite console editor (vim, nano, etc). Add the following line to your lilo.conf file

You can add each one of these lines for each drive you don’t want LILO to scan. For example, all drives which do not contain an operating system installed on them are good candidates to be flagged inaccessible. Now install lilo by running:

That’s it! Reboot and your system should be working properly. read more

How to Install Cockatrice on Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy)

Recently, I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering after having last played it in 1998. I heard about this program called ‘cockatrice’ to test my decks, but couldn’t compile it on my Xubuntu 13.10 desktop. Finally I found out I could do it with the ‘clang’ compiler.

Here’s how to compile and install it:

Simply open a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) and copy a execute each command:

If you need the cards list or Windows/Mac binaries, go to Woogerworks. read more

Making Drush Work on Ubuntu 13.10

If you’re having errors with drush since upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10 here are the steps to make it work:

Now editing the file, make sure the “disabled_functions =” list is empty.

There you go, problem solved, drush should throw no more errors.

Installing Manjaro Linux Behind a Proxy

Quick and dirty instructions to install Manjaro Linux behind a proxy:

Open a terminal:


Save (ESC, :wq). Then run:

And uncomment:

Finally run:

And you’re done! 😉