Linux Slackware 14.1 installation disk fails to detect disks connected to Marvell PCIe SATA 6Gb/s Controller

I was trying to install Linux Slackware 14.1 on my PC, which has a P7P55 motherboard and Marvell PCIe SATA 6Gb/s controller. I had my SATA disks connected to the Marvell controller but the boot disk was not detecting them. The problem was that the module is not loaded by default due to some regression issues. In order to solve this you need to make sure the BIOS has the Marvell controller set to use AHCI. For that:

  1. Reboot your PC and press DELETE in order to enter the BIOS management tool
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and enter the Onboard Devices Configuration section.
  3. Go down to the Marvell SATA Controller, press Enter and select AHCI mode.
  4. Press F10 to save and quit.

Make sure you have your Installation CD/DVD or USB flash drive plugged in when the computer reboots. read more

Increase Your Zopo C3 Internal Storage Size the Easy Way

Meteos Menu
Meteos Menu

Hello! Here it is, another tutorial for your Zopo C3 smartphone. This one is on increasing your internal memory storage size. The Zopo C3 has 16GB internal memory but only 1.4GB are used as internal phone storage for applications, so today we’ll increase that.

  • First you’ll need root access (Tutorial).
  • Next you’ll need to install a functioning recovery tool like Clockwork Mod (Tutorial).
  • Download this util called Meteos, which is an util in english (rare thing not to be in chinese :D) to be able to resize your storage easily. There’s another method which involves hex editing the Zopo ROM, but this one is easier.
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    Flash Your (Non)Functional Butterfly Labs Bitforce SC Jalapeno With a Raspberry Pi and Don’t RMA it

    Bitforce Jalapeno
    Bitforce Jalapeno

    Hello again. I’ve recently received 2 Bitforce SC Jalapenos in my mail. One of them worked, the other didn’t. I tried every configuration, cable, etc… it just refused to work (if you have the same problem read to the end, my solution involves the fan).

    I received a RMA ticket from Butterfly Labs but didn’t want to send it back, so I tried to repair it myself by flashing it (WARNING: this will void your warranty).

    Since a have a Raspberry Pi and don’t have a Avr Dragon flasher, I followed this tutorial: read more

    How to Install Clockworkmod (CWM) on Your Zopo C3

    Select CWM image
    Select CWM image

    Here’s the 3rd tutorial in my planned Zopo C3 series. Another easy one.

    This one is on installing a recovery mod that you’ll need to backup your data before the last tutorial (increasing the phone’s internal storage)

    The original ROM that comes with the phone already has a version of Clockworkmod installed but you can’t navigate it and it doesn’t work with “ROM Manager” (by the way, if you use this app to install the mod you’ll brick your phone ;)).

    Of course you need root access (tutorial). read more

    How to Fix Your Zopo C3 GPS Reception Problems

    Delete 'mtkgps.dat'
    Delete ‘mtkgps.dat’

    Time for another easy tutorial.

    This is the only method I could find to fix my terrible GPS reception. I couldn’t get even one satellite signal before.

    First you’ll have to have a rooted phone (Tutorial).

    Next turn off your data and wireless connections.

    Using a terminal or a root enabled file browser navigate to and delete the file ‘/data/misc/mtkgps.dat’.

    Last, go to an open area and activate the GPS. You should start detecting signals and eventually get a position lock. The deleted file will be recreated so don’t worry. read more

    HOWTO: Buy Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Gadget, Anything

    I’m REALLY tired of people asking me advice on “Hey, what kinda laptop should I buy?” when I have no freaking clue because I’ve been happy with mine for the last 2 years, don’t plan on buying a new one anytime soon and I know jack shit about laptops or hardware in general. I’m a Software Engineer, note how there’s no “Hardware” in there. It’s like someone asking a guy that makes GPS for cars what is the best car for them.

    But I do buy electronic hardware, so here is how I do it. For simplicity’s sake I’m gonna use a laptop as an example but this “guide” pretty much applies to any thing you want to buy, from a blender to a gaming computer. read more

    nVidia GT430, GTX570 and Samsung Monitor Flickering on Windows 7 x64

    A couple of months ago, I bought two cards to program in CUDA, a Gigabyte GT430 and a EVGA GTX570.

    Since then my monitor (a Samsung 223BW) had been flickering like hell every time I turned it on or it came back from stand-by.

    I’m running Windows 7 (64 bits).

    Well, it appears the solution to this problem is very simple:

  • Go to the Samsung support site and download the drivers for the 223BW monitor (
  • Connect the monitor to the card and port of your choice.
  • Install the previously download drivers and select the correct card and port into which the monitor is now connected. (Be aware that a VGA port is ‘Analog’ and HDMI/DVI are ‘Digital’, when the installer asks you that question)
  • No more flickering!!! 😀
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