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Hello! Here it is, another tutorial for your Zopo C3 smartphone. This one is on increasing your internal memory storage size. The Zopo C3 has 16GB internal memory but only 1.4GB are used as internal phone storage for applications, so today we’ll increase that.

  • First you’ll need root access (Tutorial).
  • Next you’ll need to install a functioning recovery tool like Clockwork Mod (Tutorial).
  • Download this util called Meteos, which is an util in english (rare thing not to be in chinese :D) to be able to resize your storage easily. There’s another method which involves hex editing the Zopo ROM, but this one is easier.

Let’s start:

  • Install the Meteos app.
  • Boot your phone into recovery mode (Power button + Volume up, release only the power button when the logo appears).
  • Make a nandroid backup to your EXTERNAL storage SD card. This is important as your internal storage will be erased.
  • Run Meteos and choose your new internal storage size.
  • Reboot into recovery mode again and restore your backup

That’s it. Have fun installing everything available in the Play Store now. 😛

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