Root Your Zopo C3 the Easy Way

Activate USB Debugging
Activate USB Debugging
System Settings -> Developer Optons
System Settings -> Developer Options

I recently acquired a chinese Zopo C3 smartphone. I’m very happy with it so far, but I’ve had to fiddle with it sometimes to fix things I didn’t like (the GPS not receiving any signal and increasing the internal memory size – I’ll publish tutorials for achieving this as well). Well, the first thing I’ve had to do was to root it. Here’s the easiest method I found.

First, activate USB debugging in the phone and connect it to your computer. It should install the “My HTC” driver automatically.

Then download eroot v1.3.4.

Open the program and after a while the name of the phone should appear as C3 in the window.

eroot Tool
eroot Tool

Press the big green button (the only one on the window) and wait until it completes all 4 steps. The last one takes a while longer than the previous three.

That’s it, your phone should now be rooted. 🙂

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