How to Install Clockworkmod (CWM) on Your Zopo C3

Select CWM image
Select CWM image

Here’s the 3rd tutorial in my planned Zopo C3 series. Another easy one.

This one is on installing a recovery mod that you’ll need to backup your data before the last tutorial (increasing the phone’s internal storage)

The original ROM that comes with the phone already has a version of Clockworkmod installed but you can’t navigate it and it doesn’t work with “ROM Manager” (by the way, if you use this app to install the mod you’ll brick your phone ;)).

Of course you need root access (tutorial).

First, install the Mobileuncle MTK Tools app from the store.

Next download a CWM recovery image custom made for Zopo models and transfer it to the phone.

Open the Mobileuncle Tools app and choose the “Recovery Update” option.

Select the file you just downloaded and follow all steps.

There you go, now you have a phone recovery that is actually usable. 😀

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