Making Drush Work on Ubuntu 13.10

If you’re having errors with drush since upgrading to Ubuntu 13.10 here are the steps to make it work:

Now editing the file, make sure the “disabled_functions =” list is empty.

There you go, problem solved, drush should throw no more errors.

How to Change Pidgin’s Language on Windows

To change Pidgin‘s language from the detected one, add the variable “LANGUAGE” to the system wide environment variables.

For example for british english, add a variable “LANGUAGE” and set it to “en_GB:en”. Be aware that this will change the option for all programs which use this variable.

To set it just for pidgin you can create a batch file “pidgin.bat” like this:

Place the file in the pidgin folder, create a shortcut and use it to launch pidgin. read more

Installing Manjaro Linux Behind a Proxy

Quick and dirty instructions to install Manjaro Linux behind a proxy:

Open a terminal:


Save (ESC, :wq). Then run:

And uncomment:

Finally run:

And you’re done! 😉