Qliner Hotkeys on Windows 7 x64

A thing that makes a programmer produce faster is assigning tasks to shortcut keys.

Qliner Hotkeys
Qliner Hotkeys

I’ve always relied upon Qliner Hotkeys (http://qliner.com/hotkeys/) software to do this.

Unfortunately, Qliner Hotkeys doesn’t work on 64 bit systems and doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.

Fortunately, this is easy to solve:

  1. Download Qliner Hotkeys (http://qliner.com/hotkeys/. This article assumes the latest version is 2.0.1
  2. Open the installed hotkeys.exe file in your favorite hex editor
  3. At offset 0x1018 ($1018 if you prefer this notation :D), there should be a byte with the value ‘0x01’. Change it to ‘0x03’
  4. Reboot. Everything should be ok.

What we did here was adding a flag (00000001 -> 00000011) to tell the executable to load 64 bit libraries instead of 32 bit ones, when needed.

Have fun automating everything with your keyboard. 😉

Addendum (for those who never used a hex editor)

First download a hex editor at http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm#download

Using the XVI32 program open hotkeys.exe and go to offset 0x1018

Select the value (0x01) with the left mouse button

Write ‘0’, ‘3’ using the keyboard

Save the file (Ctrl + S). If you get an error saving it is because you are editing the file under the ‘Program Files’ directory. First make a copy of the hotkeys.exe file into the desktop. Edit this file. Then copy back the file into the ‘Program Files\QLiner’ directory.

Editing hotkeys.exe
Editing hotkeys.exe

6 thoughts on “Qliner Hotkeys on Windows 7 x64”

  1. Hello, i love Qliner Hotkeys.
    And i tried as you said, but i can’t find what you said.
    …At offset 0×1018 ($1018 if you prefer this notation ), there should be a byte with the value ’0×10?. Change it to ’0×30? ….
    I downloaded hex program but I know nothing about “hex”.
    What can i do? Please help me.

  2. I downloaded my favorite tex editor (HxD) and can’t find 0x1018…of course knowing what I am doing is always helpful…..when I search 1018 I get a hit on column labled 08 at row 00001010, but I don’t see anthing to change a byte value..????…..I right click and get select block but I don’t see anything like 0x10′?????

    Gloom, Dispair, Agony on me….deep, dark, depression, excessive misery, etc…..

  3. I left a reply but appartenly not posted?? I tried following the above instructions but I can’t find the keys to change such as 0x30 how do I find this??

  4. Hi,

    I believe you have an error in step 3. At offset 0x1018 the value is 0x01. I changed it to 0x03 and it worked like a champ.

    Thank you for this tip!!! I was finally able to remove the default Windows keys under Windows 7 Home Premium!

  5. I’ve corrected the post and added further instructions. Thanks for the feedback. 😉

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