Porting the Iron Seed Game to Modern Platforms

Once upon a time there was a game called Iron Seed…

Iron Seed Screenshot

It is a space exploration game with role play and strategy elements, not unlike Star Control 2 and Syd Mead’s Maelstrom.

Nowadays the game is available at http://ironseed.com/forums/index.php for free. It can be played with the DOSBox emulator (which I very much like since I also programmed the similar AcuDOS emulator (which has been discontinued).

As I understand it, the game was programmed in Pascal. I would very much like to port it to C\C++ using modern libraries, so it would run at least on Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Unfortunately, the forums are closed and I can’t obtain neither the source code nor permission to attempt a port.

Could someone please help me get in touch with the guys over there? 😉

By the way… download and enjoy this great game (and its soundtrack)! 🙂

UPDATE: The source code wad released and is available at http://ironseed.com/. If anyone wants to port this Turbo Pascal, Assembly written source code with me, please let me know. 😉

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